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Check out our Spanish speech therapy materials.

You will find bilingual home program materials for Spanish speaking parents. 

Importance of a Bilingual Home Program

We all know the importance of a speech and language home program. However, for our bilingual students and clients, the importance quadruples! 

Due to all the great researchers out there, we now know a few things to be true about bilingual speech development relating to bilingual speech therapy:

  1. Speaking 2 languages DOES NOT cause a speech or language delay so only speaking 1 language will not "fix" the delay.
  2. Advising a family to only speak in English because their child has a speech or language delay is WRONG! 
  3. Supporting the primary language is critical for speech, language, and social development
  4. A bilingual child in speech therapy should receive services in both languages, especially the primary language
  5. For bilingual speakers, there is transfer of skills between the first language (L1) and the second language (L2)**

**HOWEVER!! For most of our language impaired students, language transfer between L1 and L2 may or may not happen naturally. To transfer skills from one language to another, a student needs strong meta-linguistic skills. Students with language impairments don’t always have these skills.

So what can we do to help with language transfer, support the primary language, and make significant process?


Bilingual Materials

Check out our current Spanish speech therapy materials. My husband and I will be adding to this page frequently!! Contact us with any requests!

Spanish Speech Therapy Flashcards

We have 57 pages of Spanish Flashcards! It was a mission, but they are finally here.

There are 12 flashcards for each sound in each sound position, 14 Spanish flashcard games that can be given to parents as handouts, Spanish translated homework sheets, and a parent guide to articulation practice.

We are EXCITED about this! I can just feel at the bilingual students who are going to start making some fast progress.

If you are interested, learn more now!

Customizable Forms Based on Daily Activities

Blank Forms: Time of Day Practices  

Below are completely customizable forms that you can print and personalize depending on your client's goals. Click on the link below to download your pdf file.

Bilingual Vocabulary Goals

Here you will find online, pdf forms for specific language goals. You can still personalize them depending on your student's individualized needs.

Again, the practices will revolve around meaningful, daily tasks. This list will be updated frequently. 

Spanish Articulation Home Program

As part of our Speech Therapy Talk's membership program, we are creating a Spanish Articulation Home Program. You can try a free sample for the sound P.

Each sound the following documents:

  • Parent Handout on Articulation Practice
  • Printable Articulation Homework Sheet
  • Word Flashcards
  • Picture Flashcards
  • Word Lists
  • Explanation of How to Say Sound
  • Cues on how to teach sound
  • Functional Game Ideas

If you are a parent, you can explore each sound and practice as needed! If you are a professional, you can print off the homework sheets and attach the practice materials and you are done!

Check it out!

Spanish Word Lists

Click below to download your Spanish articulation word lists to your Google Drive. If you don't use Google Drive, please contact me and I can send them in another form. It is crucial we, as professionals, advocate supporting the home language. 

Spanish Word Lists












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