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Welcome to Sentence Level Games for M.  Yeah!

Throw away your flashcards! When your child sees "speech flashcards," he or she goes in to "speech mode." In "speech mode," your child can easily say M. It is a controlled situation without many distractions. However, when your child is not in "speech mode," he or she may not say M correctly. 

At this level, your child is going to work on saying M during functional speech games. He or she will start to transition their speech progress into their automatic, everyday speech. 

My Best Practice Tips:

1. At first, while playing, model the correct word and/or sentence. Don’t force your child to repeat after you.

2. As your child learns the game, start prompting him or her to say the target words/sentences. If your child refuses, give him or her 3 opportunities to say the word. If he or she still doesn't say it, move on. DON’T CAUSE FRUSTRATION!

3. Adapt games to the level of your child. If your child is speaking  using 1-2 word phrases, your phrases during a game should not be more than 2 words. We are working on speech not language skills here.

4. If your child is not speaking in sentences, don't worry! You can practice these games with single words as well.  Just change the target sentences to single words.

5. Don't forget to give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

Lastly, remember to have fun!!



Time to play house or baby! 

Target Sentences: Mom sleep, Mom eat, Mom drive, Mom bath

How to Play: This game is the easiest to play while playing house. If you don't have a house and little people, you can use baby dolls or even make people out of paper. Get on the floor with your child. Name your little people or dolls "mom," "dad," "baby," or whatever you would like. Make sure that one of the toys is mom though! Then, take turns having the "mom" complete certain actions. At first, you may being doing most of the talking. However, your child should join in sooner or later!

Example Script: 

  • Parent: Here is the mom, mom is sleeping
  • Child: Mom sleeping?
  • Parent: Shhh....mom sleep
  • Child: Mom hungry, mom eat
  • Parent: Baby and mom eat

The key is to model the word mom as much as possible and have your child listening and hopefully repeat.

More Please!

Children usually want more of almost anything...snacks, playtime, tablet, blocks, etc....

Target Sentences: More______

How to Play: Toddlers wants more and more and more all day long. Now, encourage your child to say the word more with a good M sound instead of whining or pointing. To make this "game" work, simply pick a day (even set an alert on your phone) to do a "more" day. As you interact with your child, model and encourage your child to say "more" naturally.

If this is too hard to remember with all the stress of being a parent, carve out some time to play blocks. While playing with your child, keep the blocks out of reach. In order for your toddler to get another block, he or she has to say "more blocks" with a good M sound before you will give another block. 

Example Script:

  • Child: Whining for more cookies
  • Parent: Use your words...More cookies?
  • Child: More cookies
  • Parent: Good talking, good M sound
  • Etc...


Toddlers make a mess so let's make it functional!

Target Sentences:  Messy floor

How to Play: Grab a bucket or handful of toys. Then, dump out the toys on the floor and say "messy floor, uh oh." Clean up the toys and repeat. Once your child watches you for a few turns, encourage him or her to join. You may even say..."What do you want?"and child hopefully responds with "messy floor!"

Example Script: 

  • Parent: Here is the bucket of legos. Let's make the floor messy
  • Child: Okay
  • Parent: Say messy floor
  • Child: Messy Floor!
  • Parent: (Gives child the bucket)
  • Child: (Dumps toys on the floor)
  • Parent: Let's clean up and do that again!
  • Etc...

Yummy Yummy In My Tummy Tummy

My favorite game...eat something delicious and practice the M sound.

Target Sentences: Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy

How to Play: While you and your child are eating a delicious treat, say the phrase "yummy yummy in my tummy tummy" while rubbing your tummy. Children usually finds this really funny and often repeat. Model the sentence a few times and then encourage your child to repeat after you while eating. 

Example Script:

  • Parent & Child: (Eat clementines)
  • Parent: Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy (rubs tummy)
  • Parent: Your turn
  • Child: Yummy tummy
  • Parent: Good M sound!
  • Etc...


Get out a toy farm and toy farm animals.

Target Sentences:____in farm

How to Play: If you have a toy farm, this is an easy and motivating one to play! If you don't have a farm, you can always invent one with an empty box. Get on the floor with your child and play with the farm. While you play, take turns putting animals in and out of the farm. Make sure to say "_____(name of animal) in farm" before each turn. 

Example Script:

  • Parent: Cow in farm (puts cow in farm)
  • Child: Horse in farm puts horse in farm)
  • Parent: Dog in farm (puts dog in farm)
  • Child: Pig in farm (puts pig in farm)
  • Parent: Good M sound!
  • Etc...


Let's practice the M sound and learning matching skills.

Target Sentences: They are the same

How to Play: Find objects in the house that match such as legos, silverware, cards, etc.... Mix them up and then help your child sort them by finding matches. Once a match is found, say ..."they are the same!"

Example Script:

  • Parent: Look at all the shapes I have. I have a triangle. Here is another triangle, they are the same.
  • Parent: Here is a square (gives child a square)
  • Parent: Try to find one that is the same
  • Child: (Finds another square) They are the same!
  • Parent: Good M sound. Let's find another!
  • Etc...

Bath Time Swimming

Practice M during bath time.

Target Sentences: ____(name of toy) swim

How to Play: During bath, get out a bucket of toys. Give your child each toy one by one and have him or her drop the toy in the bathtub while telling it to swim. That's it! The good thing about this game is that you can do it every night and it will only take a few minutes!

Example Script:

  • Parent: Here is your duck, tell it to swim (gives child the duck)
  • Child: Duck swim (child drops duck in tub)
  • Parent: Here is the boat (gives child the boat)
  • Child: Boat swim (child drops boat in tub)
  • Etc...


I always end my practice ideas with my most functional conversational game. This one involves a meal time since we eat everyday making it easy to remember to practice M.

Target Words: more, milk, mouth, lemon, tomato, hamburger, ice cream, ham, plum

How to "Play:" This is not a game at all. Instead, be aware of the all the M words you or your child might say during meals. Encourage your child to pay attention to the M sound as well. A sticker or tally system for every M word pronounced correctly may be good motivation to remain concentrated for an entire meal. See if your child can beat their previous record!

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