Free Speech Therapy Idea: Wrapping Paper

Enjoy our free speech therapy idea using wrapping paper!

After the holidays, many of our houses are full of crumpled up wrapping paper. Instead of just throwing it away, why not use it for some speech and language learning?! Wrapping paper is usually full of colors and designs which makes for some great speech therapy fun!

If you don't celebrate anything this time of year...don't worry! You can still pick up some wrapping paper at the store (it is relatively cheap) and enjoy this free speech therapy idea!

Sample Goals


  1. /k/: Say "cut" as you cut the paper into funny shapes
  2. /th/: Say "throw" as you throw the paper away
  3. /f/: Say I "found" a_______ as you find different objects
  4. /S/: Say "I see" a________ as you find different objects
  5. /t/: Say "tear” as you tear the the wrapping paper into little pieces

Early Language Goals

  1. Colors: Name all the colors you can find in the wrapping paper
  2. Vocabulary: Name all the different objects you can find in the wrapping paper
  3. Counting: Count all the (i.e. snowflakes) or whatever object you want
  4. Verbs: Practice "toss" or "throw" as you throw the paper away
  5. Sentence expansion: Practice 3-4 word sentences, "I see a ____"

Advanced Language Goals

Below are some great ideas to use for children who are working on later developing concepts.

  1. Guessing Game: Have fun secretly "wrapping" up objects around the house with your child. Then take turns guessing what is wrapped up. You can make guess based on size, weight, how the "present" feels, does it make sound, etc... Talk your child through your reasoning when you are the guesser.
  2. Story Telling: Find different pictured objects, animals, and/or people. Take turns telling stories about the characters. You can even cut them out and make an entire scene. Be creative!
  3. Categorization: Name other people, animals, or objects that would fit nicely in the wrapping paper. For example, if you have wrapping paper with penguins and snowflakes, you made talk about how polar bears, the ocean, seals, and ice bergs also could be on the wrapping paper. 

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Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference.

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