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Carryover of Progress Happens Here!

Congratulations! You have made it to Sentence Level Games for F. At this stage, you are going to throw away your flashcards and start practicing during structured games. Yeah!

You must throw away your cards because when your child sees "speech flashcards," he or she goes in to "speech mode." In "speech mode," your child now remembers to say F correctly without much help. However, when your child is not in "speech mode," he or she may not say the sound right.

To solve this, you must work on on saying F during functional speech games. This is how your child will start to transition their speech progress into their automatic, everyday speech. 

My Best Practice Tips:

1. At the beginning of each game, remind your child that you guys are going to play games using the good F sound. 

2. Introduce the target F sentences and then practice with your child.

3. Incorporate as many repetitions of the target sentences as possible.

4. Make sure you, the parent, takes turns during games. You have the opportunity to model the correct pronunciation. 

5. Don't forget to give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

Lastly, remember to have fun!!


Frog Jump

This is a great game to work on F and get exercise at the same time!

Target Sentences: Frog jump

How to Play: Stand next to your child. Squat down and place hands on the floor, like a frog. Next, say "frog jump" as you take turns jumping forward like a frog. See who can jump the farthest! Mark each jump and see if your child can beat his or her record. This strategy may keep him or her motivated for longer. 

Example Script:

  • Parent: Let's play frog jump
  • Child: Okay
  • Parent: Line up and get ready. Don't forget to say "frog jump" before your turn with your good F sound!
  • Child: Okay
  • Parent: Ready set go
  • Child: Frog jump (before jumping)
  • Parent: You made it far! Let's try that again!

Go Fish:

This classic card game never misses with my students!

Target Sentences: Go Fish

How to Play: "Go Fish" is a pretty common card game. I will review the rules for those who don't know it. You need a table and a deck of cards. Any cards will do as long as there is one match for each card. You can use playing cards, vocabulary cards, really anything. Each player gets 5 cards and the rest go in the middle of the table face down. One player starts and asks anyone who is playing "(i.e., mommy) do you have a ____(i.e., number 2)?" The player asking the question is trying to make a match with a card he or she has in his or her hand. If the player, in this case mom, has a two, she gives it to her child. Her child then makes a match and lays it on the table. The next player then gets a turn and asks another player for a card in hopes to make a match. Continuing with our example, if mom did not have a card, she would say "go fish" (with a good F sound of course)! The child then would pick a random card from the center pile and add it to their hand. If the card is a match, the child gets to lay the match down. The first player to match all the cards in his or her hand wins!

Example Script:

  • Child: Do you have a 2?
  • Parent: No, go fish!
  • Child: (picks a card from the center)
  • Parent: Do you have an 8?
  • Child: No, go fish! (with a good F)
  • Parent: (picks a card from the center)
  • Child: Do you have a 6?
  • Parent: Yes, here to go
  • Child: (takes card and lays match down on the table)

Golf Game

Enjoy this mini version of golf. You will need a stick, golf club, or plastic bat (anything that your child can swing) and a ball to hit.

Target Sentences:  Hit the golf ball

How to Play: Get out the bat and a ball. Tell your child that you guys are going to play golf. Put the ball on the ground and show your child how to hit the ball. The special rules about this game is that you must say "hit the golf ball" before each turn or you lose a turn!

Example Script:

  • Parent: We are going to play golf a special way. You have to hit the ball with the bat and try to reach the tree. Before each turn, make sure to say "hit the golf ball" or you have to start over!
  • Child: Okay, let's play!
  • Parent: Here is the ball and club. Aim toward the tree. What do you say?
  • Child: Hit the gold ball! 
  • Parent: Oh, I heard "gold ball." Let's try that again with our good F sound. 
  • Child and parent: Hit the golf ball!
  • Parent: Good, you got it! Hit the ball now.
  • Child: (child hits the ball and the gets ready for another turn)


This is not a game at all, but rather a challenge for your child! It is a little more advanced. Your child has to remember to say father correctly all day long!

Target Sentences:  Father (in any sentence)

How to Play: Challenge your child to call their dad "father" all day long. This means if your child ever talks about their dad or calls their dad's attention, he or she must say "father" with a good F. 

Example Script of Sentences: 

  • Parent: Today is father day! Every time you talk about your father you must say "father" and not dad. Also, you must remember to use your good F sound. Let's count how many good "fathers" you can say in one day. 
  • Child: Okay


Play memory, any memory game. 

Target Sentences: They are different

How to Play: Find a deck of cards or any memory game. Make sure each card has a match. Lay all the cards on a table face down in organized rows. Each player takes turns turning over 2 cards. If the cards are a match, the player says "I found a match" and takes another turn. If the cards do not match, the player says "they are different" (with a good F sound) and turns them back over. The player with the most matches wins. 

Example Script: 

  • Child: (turns 2 cards over) They are a match!
  • Child: (takes another turn and turns 2 different cards over). They are different.
  • Parent: Good F sound. My turn.
  • Parent: (turns 2 cards over) They are different.
  • Child: (turns 2 cards over)..etc....


Play soccer while practicing the F sound with the word "fast."

Target Sentences: Kick the ball fast

How to Play: While playing outside, grab a soccer ball or any ball that you can kick back and forth. Tell your child that he or she has to give you the direction "kick the ball fast" before you will kick the ball. Don't forget to use your good F sound!

Example Script of Sentences:

  • Parent: Let's play soccer!
  • Parent: Say "kick the ball fast" with your good F sound and I will kick the ball
  • Child: Kick the ball dast!
  • Parent: Try again with your good F sound
  • Child: Kick the ball fast!
  • Parent: Good job (kicks the ball fast)
  • ETC....


Tickle game!

Target Sentences: Don't laugh

How to Play: This is our tickle challenge! One person is the tickler and one person is the ticklee. The tickler tickles the ticklee while saying "don't laugh" (with a good F sound). Once the ticklee laughs, the round is over. After the round is over, the roles change. 

Example Script of Sentences:

  • Child: Don't laugh (while tickling parent)
  • Parent: (silent)
  • Child: Don't laugh (while tickling parent)
  • Parent: hahaha, laughs
  • Child: Your turn to tickle!

Car Game

This game is perfect for children who like cars, trucks, or trains.

Target Sentences: Push car off the table

How to Play: Place cars or trains on a table, preferably one on a carpet. Have your child say "push car off table" as he or she pushes a car or train off the table. Depending on the age and interest of your child, you can make the child simple or complicated. Some of my students like to try to hit a target on the floor. 

Example Script of Sentences:

  • Parent: Here are some cars. Lets push them off the table. Say "push off table" first
  • Child: Push off table (as child pushes car off table)
  • Parent: Good job! My turn. Push car off table (as you push car off table)
  • etc...


This is a very functional game since we eat breakfast everyday. This is also a great "game" since most are able to remember to practice a speech sound when practices are based around daily activities.  

Target Words: Breakfast, food, fork, waffle, loaf, muffin, coffee

How to "Play:" This is not a game at all. Instead, be aware of F words during breakfast. If you observe your child saying any of these words, make sure he or she says it with their good F sound. If your child needs motivation, make a check-mark on a piece of paper or white board every time you hear it!

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