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Where Questions

By four years of age, a child should be able to answer WH questions such as “who,” “what,” and “where.”  This page will focus on “where.” 

For a quick grammar review, "where" questions ask about location. For example:

  • Where is the butterfly? On the leaf

Language Milestones Targeted

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

  • Uses about 500 words 
  • Speaks with 4+ word phrases 
  • Understands 900 words 
  • Answers simple WH questions: who, what, where, what doing 

Flash Card Teaching Phase

To initially teach a child how to answer “where” questions, I begin with flashcards. The pictures are very beneficial to a child's learning. However, I recommended moving quickly to games listed below since these activities will help with carry-over of progress to conversational speech. 

What You Need: Where Question Flashcards

How To Use Cards:  

1. Print the cards or pull them up on some sort of device (computer, tablet, iPad, etc…)

2. Sit down at a table with your child and get out/pull up the cards.

3. First, ask a question on a card and then answer your own question. Have your child repeat your answer. Do this for a few rounds so your child starts to learn to answer the questions with a place/location.

4.  Once, your child has learned the pattern, ask him/her a question and wait for a response. If your child answers it correctly, say good job and move on to the next one. If your child makes a mistake, provide the correct answer and explain why.

5. My recommendation is to repeat this task a few times in a row for about a week or so. Once your child seems to be getting it, move on to the games below. 


What You Need: A book your child knows well 

How To Play: Sit down and read with your child. It is important to pick a story that your child already knows. This way he/she doesn’t have to learn new vocabulary and learn how to answer “where” questions at the same time. It is important to focus on one skill at a time :) 

When a character enters a new a location, ask your child “where is ____(name of character) now?” Wait for a response. If your child says the correct answer, praise him/her and keep reading. 

If your child doesn’t know how to answer the question or says the wrong answer, point to a picture (if possible) and repeat the question. If he/she still doesn’t know how to answer, say the answer and ask him/her to repeat it. 

Tip: Don’t ask too many questions while reading. Just a few each night will suffice!


Where should we go?

What You Need: A car or somewhere to walk

How To Play: When a family drives in a car, they are going somewhere! Let’s use this fact to our advantage. When driving, ask your child a question…”where are we going?” It is very simple!

There are more creative ways to play this game; however, they may be suitable for older children! Try it out and see! 

While driving or walking, point out another person in a car and ask:

  • “Where do you think he is going?”
  • or... find an animal and ask “where is ____(name of animal) going?”
  • about favorite places and ask “where do you really want to go?”

Ask a question and wait for a response. If your child makes a mistake, point out the correct answer and explain why. 

Tip: Make these questions as natural as possible! Avoid every conversation sounding like a quiz.

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