Child Language Colors

By 3 years of age, your child should be able to identify and name colors. If not, there are simple ways to learn this skill throughout the day. Below, I give ideas on how to work on colors!

Language Milestones Targeted

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

  • Uses about 500 words 
  • Speaks with 4+ word phrases 
  • Understands 900 words 
  • Knows colors 

Color Day

What You Need: Nothing special!

How To Play: Pick a color and then make it a “(name of color) day.” In the morning, tell your child what color is the color of that day. Then, throughout the day, find this color and discuss it with your child.

Let’s do an example: "Blue Day"

  • Find blue on your clothes
  • Point out the blue sky 
  • Search for a blue car
  • Find all the blue in a book
  • Etc... 

I like the idea of a “color day” because your child is able to learn about a color and then transfer the skill across settings. Encourage your child to spot the color (not just you!)


What You Need: Dirty clothes (this one should be a cinch)

How To Play: This one is very easy to do! Have your child help during laundry and talk about colors. Done! Below are some ideas to try. 

Some ideas to try:

  • Organize socks into colors. I like socks since most children’s socks are colorful.
  • Make a red pile, blue pile, green pile, etc… of clothes
  • Name colors as you fold clothes
  • Have your child name what color to find next to fold and vice versa


What You Need: Building blocks

Some Easy Ideas to Try: 

  • Makes groups of colors with blocks. 
  • Name a color and then help your child find all the blocks that are those colors. 
  • Name the color of a block before adding it to a tower.
  • Make color "towers"
  • Etc..


What You Need: Your child's favorite book

How To Play: Books are very handy when practicing colors since pictures books have so many colors! While reading a book with your child, focus on one or two colors. Take turns with your child finding objects of the previously mentioned colors.

Tip: Don’t try to do all the colors at once. This may be too confusing :)

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