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Welcome to my review of the best educational apps for parents on the market. As I discover more apps, I will be adding them to the list.

As a parent, I now realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep a child away from technology, especially phones and Ipads. Instead of fighting it, I decided to embrace it and make it educational!

If a child must play with technology instead of dirt, I recommend having an Ipad full of educational apps to choose from. As much as our children love Candy Crush (me included), it doesn't quite stimulate our brains!

I also recommend setting a timer so your children don't spend too much time in front of a screen. Screen time is not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

App Reviews

Since I am a speech language pathologist, my idea of best educational apps revolves around language development. 

Also, my idea of a good app is being able to practice a skill that isn't extremely easy in real life. For example, apps that have a child name objects in a can easily do that all day long.

Practicing categorization, sequencing, or phonological awareness skills...okay, an Ipad can help with that!

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Language Apps

Describe With Art: This might best one of the best educational apps for language/vocabulary learning in this price range. It is designed for speech pathologists and speech therapy. However, I believe it is pretty user friendly. This isn't an app to let your child play by themselves, parent involvement is a must! It targets all areas of vocabulary learning as well as a range of receptive language skills.

This is a great app for kindergarten and early elementary age children.

Story Maker by Super Duper: This story app can be adapted for children as young as 4. It also requires some parent guidance to make it educational.

However, it is a GREAT app that I use in therapy for almost any goal. For example, you can work on story structure, pronouns, categorization, etc... Also, the drawing feature is nice since you can practice drawing vocabulary words.

Story Builder: This app is a bit more involved and will take some parent and child interaction but it is great! It is also intended for 1st grade or older children. However, if you want to use it with younger children, go for it!

What goes together: This app targets the important language skill, associations. Association is an earlier developing language skill. It is an important precursor for later developing language skills such as categorization, synonyms, and antonyms.

Buddy Bear Categories: I am a huge fan of almost all Buddy Bear apps and materials for speech therapy. They are appropriate for toddlers up to elementary age depending on skill level. 

Categorization is an important language skill needed to learn vocabulary.

Phonological Awareness Apps

ABC Phonics Rhyming Bee: This is a cute app that works on the phonological awareness skill of rhyming. A player has to decide which flower petal to put on a flower depending on the rhyming sounds. 

Shape-O! ABC's: This is a simple app. It consists of many different puzzles. Your child will have to match the puzzle pieces to the picture on the screen. If you are playing with your child, it is a good app to work on names of shapes and following directions. For older children, they have the option to match letters in order to spell the  name of the picture. This works on letter identification skills.

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