Baby Games For The Holidays

Baby games for the holidays is here to help make your shopping season a cinch!

Are you wondering what gift to buy a special infant in your life? Are you overwhelmed with all the expensive options? Do you dread over-crowded stores with cranky shoppers competing for the same toy?

It's okay! You are one of many.

The media creates a big hype for the must-have gifts of the season which coincidentally tend to be expensive.

I will break through all the non-sense here. Toys can be fun and educational and inexpensive! These years are quite important for development especially language development. These toys will help entertain your baby as well as develop much needed skills!

Also, online shopping helps you avoid fighting for a parking spot in a crowded mall, yeah!

1. Shape sorter

Shape sorters are one of THE best toys around for infants. They are helpful for motor development and problem solving skills. As your child grows, you can talk about shapes and colors as well.

Works on: Fine motor, Language (shapes, colors, push, open)

2. Brilliant Basic

These stacking cups are FANTASTIC!! Not only do they stack which is great for cognitive development, but they are also bowls. You can even put a top on each bowl and make it a ball. There are shape patterns, colors, and numbers as well for older children. This toy will last a while!

Works On: Everything! (seriously!)

3. sassy pop and push

This little toy is fantastic for the price alone and free shipping with prime. However, it is also great to get our little babies moving. The popping noise teaches them about cause and effect as well as entertain them! Great little toy!!

Works On: Gross motor, cause and effect

4. Sorting cube

I couldn't pass up recommended this shape sorter. Personally, I prefer wooden toys. This one is great since it has multiple sides and shapes. Toddlers will enjoy this shape sorter for years to come.

Works On: Fine motor, language (shapes, colors, push, open)

5. Toy Winkle

This toy is for younger infants once they can grasp things. It is great. My son loved it! His little hands can grab it, squeeze it, and push it around.

Works On: Gross and fine motor

6. Mirror

Babies love mirrors. Period! They are motivated to see themselves and all the pretty designs on the border. They are great for tummy time. However, toddlers also love mirrors, even more so if you ask me. This toy will last for years!

Works On: All motor skills, Imitation Skills, Language (colors, pointing)

7. Soft Book

Personally, soft books are adorable and functional. My little destructo couldn't destroy them! They are helpful for introducing new textures, vocabulary words, and the concept of turning pages.

Works On: Vocabulary, Motor Skills

8. Activity Triangle

This activity triangle is awesome! It has so many shapes, sounds, and different parts to move. 

Works On: Motor development, problem solving

9. Sir Prince A Lot

Sir prince A Lot was one of my son's favorite baby games. It has so many different colors and textures. We clipped it to his carseat, stroller, play gym....anything!

Works On: Hand-eye coordination, Language (colors)

10. Knock Knock Blocks

Start the love of building and creating early! Infants will want to knock towers down, but before you know it, they will be building. The soft textures, letters, and numbers are an added bonus.

Works On: Constructive Skills, Letters, Numbers, First Words (i.e., uh oh, up, & down)


I find reading to be one of the most important baby games for any child. I find it so important that I have dedicated a whole page to my favorite baby books. Check them out and add your own favorites to the list!

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Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference.

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