Z Word List

Below you will find word lists that you can use to make flashcards, stimuli for an articulation game, quick practice at home, etc...I have provided the word lists in 3 different formats:

  1. First, there is a word list for quick viewing
  2. Next, I shared a link for a Google document with the word list
  3. Last, I provided ideas for articulation practice that require NO flashcards or word lists. This is the most functional option and appropriate for children who are working on carry over.

Enjoy the FREE materials!!!

Quick View Z Word List

Google Drive Z Word List

I LOVE Google documents. I can access my word lists from any device; laptop, desktop, phone, Ipad.....anything! I no longer have to remember which app is on which device to access all my files and materials.

Click Here: Z Word List

  • If you need help saving your word list to your Google Drive, click here: Save Google Document
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  • If you LOVE Google Drive as much as I do, check out our Speech Therapy Documentation Page. It has been a time saver for my work in schools as well as private practice.

Articulation Games for Z

The Z sound is a later developing sound, usually mastered by age 8. However, you can start work on it earlier than 8. It all depends on your child considering their error patterns, attention, age, and intelligibility. 

Take turns with your child saying the desired words. It is important to practice hearing as well as saying  the words.

  1. Zoo - Say "zoo" as you talk about animals in a zoo
  2. Zebra - Say "zebra" as you color zebras
  3. Zig Zag - Draw zig zag lines as you say "zig zag"
  4. Zipper - Say "zipper" every time you zip your coat
  5. Puzzle - Say "puzzle" every time you make a piece fit 
  6. Scissors - Say "scissors" as you cut shapes or pictures in a magazine
  7. Dessert - Say "dessert" as you make your favorite dessert
  8. Is - This is an important one! Use "is" in  a sentence
  9. Eyes - Say "eyes" as you blink or wink with your eyes
  10. Cheese - Say "cheese" as you take pictures with your phone or camera

How To Say Z: Brief Overview

/Z/ is a difficult sound to say for some children. Below is a QUICK overview of how to say Z. If you are looking for more detailed information, please keep reading. We have a variety of options.

  • Make sure your child's tongue is behind her teeth on her "bumpy spot" or alveolar ridge
  • Lips should be in a slight smile
  • Teeth are together
  • Voice box is turned on

Step-By-Step Program For Z

Hi parents, caregivers, and professionals! I'm sure you want to do more at home but don't know where to start. The information out there is either confusing, full of gimmicks or EXPENSIVE! Learning how to communicate better should be natural, functional and easy to access. We have 2 options for you if want a step-by-step program

  1. Android/Amazon App For Z
  2. One-time Fee Membership For Parents (best option if you child has multiple sound errors)
  3. One-time Free Membership For Professionals (materials for all sound errors and parent handouts)


If you have any concerns, please contact a local speech language pathologist for a consultation. 

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