V Word List

Below you will find word lists that you can use to make flashcards, stimuli for an articulation game, quick practice at home, etc...I have provided the word lists in 3 different formats:

  1. First, there is a word list for quick viewing
  2. Next, I shared a link for a Google document with the word list
  3. Last, I provided ideas for articulation practice that require NO flashcards or word lists. This is the most functional option and appropriate for children who are working on carry over.

Enjoy the FREE materials!!!

Quick View Word List

Google Drive Word List

I LOVE Google documents. I can access my word lists from any device; laptop, desktop, phone, Ipad.....anything! I no longer have to remember which app is on which device to access all my files and materials.

Click Here: V Word List

  • If you need help saving your word list to your Google Drive, click here: Save Google Document
  • If you want more information on how to use all the great stuff Google Drive or Google documents offers, click hereGoogle Help 
  • If you LOVE Google Drive as much as I do, check out our Speech Therapy Documentation Page. It has been a time saver for my work in schools as well as private practice.

Articulation Games for V

Take turns with your child saying the desired words. It is important to practice hearing as well as saying the sound.

  1. Voice - Say "voice" before singing a note
  2. Vanilla - Say "vanilla" as you lick a vanilla ice cream cone
  3. Vet - Say "vet" as you pretend to take a stuffed animal to the vet
  4. River - Say "river" as you pretend to row a boat in a river  
  5. Over - Say "over" as you jump over cracks in the sidewalk
  6. Driving - Say "driving" as you drive in the car
  7. Diving - Say "diving" as toys dive in the bathtub before bath
  8. Five - Say "five" as you give high fives
  9. Wave - Say "wave" as you wave hi or wave bye
  10. Glove - Say "glove" as you match all the gloves in a basket

The games listed above are for younger children. Depending on the age of your child, adjust the game so it is age appropriate. Time to get creative!

How To Say V

"V" is produced by placing our upper teeth on our lower lip, blowing air, and turning our voice on

  • Cue your child to "bite their lip" when saying "V"


If you have any concerns, please contact a local speech language pathologist for a consultation. 

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