Google Drive Safe?

Is Google drive safe? Let's investigate...

As I started use Google forms and documents more often for data keeping, attendance, reports, progress notes, invoices, you name it..., I started wondering....

Is Google drive HIPPA compliant? Are my student's and client's sensitive information safe?

What is HIPPA? HIPPA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) makes sure we keep all of our patient’s sensitive data private.

HIPPA's Guidelines

For my investigation,  I went straight to the source. From what I gather, HIPPA is flexible with regards to electronic record keeping. The key is a health care provider must take necessary precautions to keep information safe.

Since each medical professional's needs on record keeping varies greatly, HIPPA does not certify one system over another. To read more on this click here, HIPPA Safeguards.

Is Google Drive HIPAA Compliant?

From a non-techy viewpoint, my answer is yes!

Google has resources to make sure your files and computers are safe. Below I provide links for easy ways to take "extra precautions."

  • Computer Security: Google gives great tips on how to keep your computer and all of its information safe and secure. This is a good idea if you use Google drive or a local server. Viruses can access both. Please click on the link, make Google drive safe,  for more information. 
  • Step 2 Verification - This is an easy way to take an extra precaution regarding your client’s records. Google’s step 2 verification is simple. You can perform it once per computer or every time you login. If you use multiple computers or mobile devices throughout the day, I recommend verifying each time you login to your account, Step 2  Verification.

Will I Lose My Data?

We still need to back up our reports and documents even though everything is now saved in the mystical cloud. I have found a company called Backupify that will back up your data for $3 per month.

As I research and learn more about this company, I will fill you in!

Final Verdict

Is Google drive safe for record keeping?

If you take extra precautions, YES! So, enjoy the convenience of Google drive, I know I do. 

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